Gloria and Stevie Giorno



  • Campus Reform Activist
  • Public Speaker
  • Author
  • Mom
  • First Generation American
  • Founder and President of United Women Foundation, a nationwide 501c-3 nonprofit empowering conservative young women to success through mentorship and scholarships


Gloria Giorno is the author of Outcast-How The Radical Left Tried To Destroy A Young Conservative. She is a Conservative Christian mother and wife. Born in the suburbs of Chicago, she lived in Communist Yugoslavia in 1972 while attending first grade. Gloria has first hand experience of the tragedies under Communism. Gloria has a deep appreciation for the freedoms that are taken for granted in America. Her book tells the true story of her son’s experience at Belmont University when he was Student Body President in 2020. His post on his personal public Instagram account thanking our forefathers on the 4th of July in 2020 garnered hundreds of comments including calling him a racist, telling him to kill himself and brought about a petition to have him removed as President as he was celebrating a “covertly racist holiday”. Gloria, a Loyola University Chicago graduate, was compelled to write this book to share what really goes on at colleges and show how conservatives are discriminated against by both students and administration. Gloria is passionate about young conservatives under attack at all levels of education. Her goal is to educate parents, grandparents and students about the truth of the indoctrination happening in our schools today.

About The Book:

Stevie's term as Belmont University's Student Body President was going along nicely in early 2020 and he was looking forward to the upcoming semester at this "Conservative Christian University." He didn't know that in these troubled times, a student, who dares to declare his love for America on the Fourth of July, may be risking his life and future. After Stevie declared his love for America, students fought to ensure that Stevie had no future. His peers turned into social justice activists wielding any authority they had against him, desperate to prove their allegiance to the Black Lives Matter organization. They seemed determined to destroy anyone who disagreed with them, regardless of the cost. Stevie would no longer be judged by the content of his character. Instead, he would be judged by his refusal to bow to the woke mob.

Forward By: Sam Sorbo

Speech Topics:

  • Cancel Culture and Marxism in Higher Education
  • Raising Patriotic Children in an Unpatriotic America
  • Firsthand Experiences living in a Communist Dictatorship
  • Mentoring Young Conservatives



  • Campus Reform Activist
  • Chairman Tennessee Young Republicans
  • Public Speaker

Stevie Giorno serves as the Chairman of the Tennessee Young Republicans. In his role, he travels throughout the state of Tennessee to recruit new members to advance the conservative cause. Under his leadership, the Tennessee Young Republicans have expanded their grassroots operations and have grown to almost 30 chapters throughout the 3 grand divisions of Tennessee. 

Stevie served as Student Body President at Belmont University from January 2020 to January 2021, where he was attacked by fellow students after posting on social media that he was a “Proud American” on the 4th of July in 2020. Despite public backlash, threats of violence and needing armed security when on campus, Stevie refused to endorse the Black Lives Matter organization and stood up for his patriotic views.

After graduating from Belmont, Stevie worked for U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn as an aide. Before this, he interned for Ambassador Bill Hagerty’s US Senate campaign in Tennessee. 


  • Indoctrination in Higher Education
  • Gen-Z in Politics
  • Cancel Culture


Featured On OAN, RAV, NewsMax, Campus Reform, Speech First, The P.A.S. Report Podcast with Nicholas Giordano, Blunt Force Truth Podcast 


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Panel Discussion with Carol Swain:


"...a riveting, thought-provoking exploration of the troubling erosion of free speech and open discourse in our contemporary society."

- U.S. Representative Andy Ogles

"Gloria Giorno is as bold as a lion, and her story 'Outcast' explains her righteous stand against the wicked, the liberal left, BLM, and wokeism. Outcast is moving, compelling, and most importantly, a truthful account." 

- Linda Lee Tarver, Ed.D., Th.D.

"Gloria Giorno's compelling tale of her son Stevie's devastating sojourn as president of Nashville's Belmont University should serve as a warning of how bad things have become practically everywhere for America's conservative youth. Don't miss this important and enlightening book!"

- Roger L. Simon, award-winning author, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, editor-at-large of The Epoch Times

"Gloria Giorno has exposed what is an enduring example for this generation as conservatives continue to stand with courage in their commitment to God and Country."

- Tamra Farah, National Senior Advisor of FreedomWorks



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