About Tana Goertz

  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Author
  • Senior Advisor To President Donald J. Trump
  • Winner of Street Smarts Team & Runner-Up on Season 3 of The Apprentice on NBC
  • Runner-Up on Reality Stars - Fear Factor on NBC
  • Host of Hey Tana Radio Show
  • Certified Christian Mental Health Life Coach
  • TV Personality
  • Business and Political Strategist

Tana Goertz is an American business woman, inspirational speaker, business consultant, mental heath life coach and author with a record of proven results. Tana’s business acumen has saved her clients in excess of $600 million USD. Tana became a household name and a TV personality when she was the runner-up on both NBC hit shows, “The Apprentice” & “Reality Stars Fear Factor.” Tana showed the world watching that Fear was NOT a Factor for her.

Tana was one of the first hires on the Donald J. Trump for President campaign in 2015 where she served as Donald Trump’s original HYPE girl as well as a national TV spokesperson and senior advisor to him. Due to her winning record and HUGE win in Iowa she was re-hired for her leadership, trusted advisory and forward-thinking tactics as part of President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Tana left the political arena thrilled to resume her career as a professional speaker, life coach and youth mentor. Her passion is people and her purpose is loving them. She’s back on stage helping others attract success in their personal and professional lives. Her most popular presentations are “Rewriting the Political Playbook”, “The Art of Being Unforgettable”, and “God will NEVER Fire You”.  Participants return to work “Fired-Up” and see significant improvements in their jobs, projects, and their personal lives after they hear her speak. As a personal friend and loyal adviser to the President for two decades, President Donald Trump said, “Tana is truly a star – she has that rare combination of laid-back charm and razor sharp execution she doesn’t put up with nonsense. Tana combines a ‘can-do’ attitude, spirit, and energy with vision and execution to propel individuals beyond their current limitations.”

Tana is traveling the country with her new memoir, “From the Basement to the White House” inspiring people that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and start living the life you’ve dreamed of and that adversity allow us to prove ourselves. Tana has two grown children and lives in Iowa with her husband.


Tana Goertz Calls for Unity and Support Among Women Leaders
Tana Goertz Calls for Unity and Support Among Women Leaders

In a recent impactful presentation, Tana Goertz, renowned TV Personality, Speaker and Life Coach, emphasized the critical need for women to cultivate a culture of support and encouragement within professional circles. Stressing the importance of fostering collaboration over competition, Goertz highlighted the detrimental impact of internal divisions and highlighted the power of collective empowerment.

“The time has come for us to unite as women leaders,” stated Tana, underlining the necessity for a paradigm shift in how women interact within professional environments. The overwhelming positive response to the presentation has led to calls for more inclusive women’s groups and forums, where the message of solidarity and support can be echoed and amplified.

As Goertz continues to champion the cause of fostering a collaborative environment, her efforts serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for women across various industries, echoing the significance of a united front in achieving mutual success.

Your attitude can make or break your life.

Tana recently speaking to a group of female leaders, in Oklahoma City, OK

State Federation Presidents Meeting

Your attitude is your superpower!

Tana encouraged the leaders to make a choice to become more positive. She demonstrated how a leader’s disposition affects any organization.

Here are Tana’s reasons why a positive attitude can make or break a leader:

1. Your attitude is contagious.
Positive teams are productive teams. Therefore, it is critical to commit to a consistent positive attitude.

2. Enthusiasm is motivational.
When you are leading with a positive attitude people will go above and beyond what is necessary. When people feel appreciated, they become more confident and productive.

3. Attitude directs our relationships.
When you are positive, it’s easier to build a network of advocates and champions who are happy to be on the team.

4. Positivity creates resilience.
The better your attitude, the quicker you rebound after a setback. When people see your resilience, they feel braver and stronger also.

5. Optimism improves problem-solving.
Optimism allows you to see beyond the problem and recognize potential solutions. Hopeful people are less likely to wallow in frustration.

Tana is an entrepreneur, an inspirational speaker, a life coach, business consultant, author, devoted wife, mother of two, and so much more. But as listeners will learn, things weren’t always easy for her on the road to success. Over the course of the hour, Tana will discuss the many positive aspects of her personal story and the work that she has done and continues to do to empower other women, in addition to shedding light on the negative experiences that ultimately lead her down the road of reinventing herself for the better. Sit back and get ready for a power-packed conversation with Tana Goertz!


Tana Goertz on Win in Life Podcast Jonathan Conneely, Coach JC

What I learned from Donald Trump on The Apprentice!







“Her Midas touch for endorsements has turned into millions of dollars for the companies she represents.”
METRO ATLANTA — Chambers of Commerce



“Tana makes a lasting impression… I consider her a package deal with an emphasis on power house.” “Tana has it all… she naturally encourages… inspires, and motivates.”

JANET MCGRIFF — Fairfax County Public Schools

“Words to describe Tana Goertz – Gregarious and Winner!”

MARK BURNETT — Apprentice Producer

“Tana has a great stage presence that is completely natural and spontaneous… instantly ranking among the best inspirational speakers. Her talk is going to be well-received by all types of audiences, from groups to corporations, and students and teachers. I have heard nothing but superlatives… the sky is the limit for Tana!”


“Thank you for the addition of The Apprentice Hockey League to the team. This promotion exceeds any and ALL expectation I had going into this promotion. Tana’s energy and enthusiasm for the project lasted all season long.”

JOHN OLVER — Iowa Stars President

“While speaking at at our statewide conference, Tana’s energy was contagious. She engaged the crowd and got them fired up. No one wanted her session to end!”

SALLY THOMPSON — American Payroll Association

“Tana has such a creative mind and her unique way of thinking has made her a huge success in life… Tana is a great role model for everyone and has truly inspired me. Tana’s optimism is contagious and she has the ability to affect others with her enthusiasm.”

DR. LIZ SIEGEL — Apprentice Psychologist

“Tana a very unique way of involving the audience; she knows her topic well and present it in a way that keeps people engaged. It was a wonderful feeling walking away knowing you can make a change.”

DENNIS SORENSON —- US Duputy Wardens Conference

“Tana a very unique way of involving the audience; she knows her topic well and present it in a way that keeps people engaged. It was a wonderful feeling walking away knowing you can make a change.”

DENNIS SORENSON —- US Duputy Wardens Conference

“I have been with my company for over 30 years and Tana’s presentation had the largest turnout by far over any other event we have held. It also had the best feedback”

JOHN PEDERSON — Merryll Lynch


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