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About Sheriff Mark Lamb

• Sheriff of Pinal County AZ
• Candidate for US Senate AZ

  • • Author 
    • Business Owner/ Entrepreneur
    • Public Speaker
    • LIVE PD Personality
    • Media Personality
    • Founder American Sheriff Network

Mark Lamb is best known as the American Sheriff, but it wasn’t always the case. After being a business owner for over a decade, he joined the world of Law Enforcement in his thirties and has thrived as a leader in his field from day one.

Valedictorian of his training class, Rookie of the Year, Officer of the Year, Detective of the Year, and now Sheriff of Pinal County, he has always risen to every challenge in his path.

His empowering leadership style, western attire, and huge smile have set him apart from his peers and his no nonsense approach to Law Enforcement has made him a beacon of hope to many in his county and all over the world.

Lamb is a frequent guest on Fox News and other national outlets. Lamb was featured in 20+ episodes  of the #1 Rated Cable TV Show “Live PD” on A&E (2017-2018), featured in Season 5 of “60 Days In” and had a major role in the production which is currently airing on Netflix. Lamb also co-hosted 20 episodes of  “Live PD Wanted” on A&E with Tom Morris Jr. And Michele Sigona (2019-2020) and was set to come back for 10 more episodes in July 2020 but is postponed due to COVID.

With an attitude of “Fear Not, Do Right” and common sense approach, his patriotism is as infectious as his positive attitude. 

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb is launching his own streaming network featuring sheriffs across the country. Lamb said after the past year of tenuous police relations, he wants law enforcement to have a voice again.

“They’re going to be able to see ride along action, they’re going to see the real stories of the men and women out there doing this work. They’re going to get a chance to see training,” Lamb said. “It’s no surprise to anybody we’ve kind of taken a beating in law enforcement over the last couple years and what voice we did have was lost last year.”


About the Book


Book Overview of American Sheriff: Traditional Values in a Modern World  by Sheriff Mark Lamb

Are you concerned about the direction America is headed?

Who is out there in the trenches fighting for our freedom and holding fast to the Constitution on our behalf?

Our County Sheriffs are the last bastion of freedom against government overreach on a local and federal level. In American Sheriff: Traditional Values in a Modern World you will learn about one of those freedom fighters, Sheriff Mark Lamb, and how living overseas as a youth and ability to "Fear Not; Do Right" have shaped his ideals and convictions to love America. As the descendant of Pilgrims, he has been forged by hardships, wins, and losses to rise above the challenges and lead from the front, in Law Enforcement and in Politics.





  • Featured in 20+ episodes  of the #1 Rated Cable TV Show “Live PD” on A&E (2017-2018)
  • Featured in Season 5 of “60 Days In” in hi jail and had a major role in this production. This can be seen on Netflix
  • Co-Hosted 20 episodes of  “Live PD Wanted” on A&E with Tom Morris Jr. And Michele Sigona. (2019-2020) Was set to come back for 10 more episodes in July 2020 but postponed due to COVID

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  • Border Crisis
  • Freedom/Patriotism
  • Regular People, Doing Great Things
  • Keys to Success
  • What is your Story? (Writing your story)
  • Traditional Values in the Modern World
  • Leadership
  • Relationship Success
  • Be the Best You
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Courage in a Cowardly World


The Choices You Make: Speaking from his own experience, Sheriff Lamb shares the story of life altering decisions and their ripple effects, and how a moment out of your day may make a lifetime of difference for another person.




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