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American Sheriff: Rules to Live By 

Are you frustrated with the chaos that is happening in America and all over the world?

Are you looking for a more clear path to your real purpose in life and the courage to make the necessary changes?

Using his favorite poem by Rudyard Kipling entitled “IF”, Sheriff Lamb outlines some of the most wise counsel of our modern times. Telling the stories of inspirational and lesser known characters of the American Revolution and founding fathers, as well as personal experiences, Sheriff Lamb shares what inspires him to fight for our freedom in America every day. Tying together his stories with the poem, the reader will be astounded, inspired, and emboldened to reach deep inside themselves to apply the principles outlined in American Sheriff: Rules to Live By.

Read about the amazing and inspirational founding fathers and what they stood for including:

*Love of Freedom

The heroes of the American Revolution embodied the principles taught in the poem “IF” and are seamlessly woven together. They will teach, motivate, and encourage us all to find the qualities we already possess to be the best person, parent, and citizen we can be.



American Sheriff: Traditional Values in a Modern World: 

Are you concerned about the direction America is headed?

Who is out there in the trenches fighting for our freedom and holding fast to the Constitution on our behalf?

Our County Sheriffs are the last bastion of freedom against government overreach on a local and federal level. In American Sheriff: Traditional Values in a Modern World you will learn about one of those freedom fighters, Sheriff Mark Lamb, and how living overseas as a youth and ability to “Fear Not; Do Right” have shaped his ideals and convictions to love America. As the descendant of Pilgrims, he has been forged by hardships, wins, and losses to rise above the challenges and lead from the front, in Law Enforcement and in Politics.

Read about the core values that has shaped Sheriff Lamb into the person he is and is becoming including:



*Love of Country



Sheriff Lamb uses a unique business and marketing approach to politics, and empowering leadership style. You will be inspired by his patriotism, failures, wins, and hard work as you follow along with the stories of one of the most well-known American Sheriffs of our times.


Bravery and Blinders

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