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After refusing to comply with the state of Oregon's draconian COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Lindsey was catapulted into the national spotlight. She opened her salon against national mandates and became the iconic voice of freedom, being notoriously labeled “The Patriot Barbie” by the woke mob. Her public defiance of government overreach was the bold act that opened the nations eyes. 

Lindsey Graham is no stranger to battle. In her one of a kind, tell all journey, she publicly details both the grind and the glory of her life. Drawing on past experiences and real-world insights, Lindsey invites her audience into a journey that is both inspiring and enlightening. With vulnerability and candor, Graham openly details her colorful and powerful testimony, her fall from Grace and her fresh start with strong faith and an unwavering conviction, all blossoming from one life altering moment in 2020. Her boldness and unapologetic fight gives her fans and followers hope, backbone, and courage to boldly stand up for themselves, their families and their beliefs in the midst of the tyranny that has become commonplace.

Since dedicating her life to activism and freedom fighting, Lindsey has become an encouraging keynote speaker, regular personality on news outlets, a powerful podcast guest and an influential leader on all online outlets. 

After her viral speech at a school board meeting, dressed as a cat in 2022, and her personal battle for women’s rights against the trans movement, Lindsey has solidified her place and her voice at the front of the battle lines for women, unborn babies and moms. 

She is the fierce, bold and unapologetic voice for patriots and women across America.

As she champions strong men, embraces her family values, and empowers women, she has become one of the most inspiring leaders in the conservative movement. 

Lindsey is the host of The Patriot Barbie podcast, author of the book Targeted: One moms fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,  and owns a successful apparel company. She is an ambassador for Turning Point USA and the Director of Media Relations for Freedom Square.


Lindsey Graham is the Patriot Barbie – a loud, proud, pro-gun, pro-life, Jesus-loving, red-blooded conservative, Republican woman. She is a fierce voice for conservative women, a spitfire advocate for small business owners, an authentic patriot standing for American values.

Her story sounds like something out of a wild conspiracy theory novel – it couldn’t possibly have happened here in America… yet it did. Lindsey’s personal fight against the unreal woke agenda of the left brought her to the table of American political discourse, but the left couldn’t stomach what she had to say. She’s been deleted from social media platforms, censored and silenced by the media, and even defunded by GoFundMe. Liberal platforms worked double-overtime in an effort to shut down her conservative voice, but she’s still speaking. And she’s not stopping.

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In 2020 when COVID-19 struck the nation, Lindsey Graham was the owner of the highly successful Glamour Salon in Salem, Oregon. When the state of Oregon bashed business owners with unprecedented lockdowns and mandates, Graham and Glamour Salon became a pivotal player at the center of the argument against these unconstitutional measures. Her name and face were splashed all over major media outlet headlines, and her defiance sparked a national conversation about the rights of business owners in the face of egregious government overreach in the midst of the COVID-19 government-manufactured chaos.


When a liberal from her local area poked fun at Lindsey, mocking her as “The Patriot Barbie,” Lindsey jumped at the opportunity to flip the script and embrace the persona. Since then, Lindsey has been humbled at the outpouring of heartfelt support from patriots all across the country, praising her bravery, courage, and spirit. Her decision to do what was RIGHT in the face of threatening government overreach served as a catalyst for uniting Americans.


Lindsey has been featured on dozens of national, regional, and local news outlets. She’s had conversations with some of America’s most respected political hosts: Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch, Lars Larson, Megyn Kelly, David J. Harris Jr., Sebastian Gorka, just to name a few. Despite cancel culture’s desperate attempts to suppress the details of her story, she continues to unapologetically share her message with news outlets and on her social media platforms in an effort to ensure that what happened to her business, family, and community will not ever happen again. Her experience is a warning bell for Americans – a glimpse at what could be if we fail to protect our God-given liberties and American freedoms.


Lindsey closed her landmark salon in Salem, Oregon. Of course, the cancel culture believes they “won” and ran her out of town. According to Lindsey, leaving Oregon with her family and restarting in a safe, welcoming place has been the biggest blessing of her life. Now in Arizona, Lindsey has forged a new career as a radio and podcast talk show host, political activist, and campaign event coordinator. 


SIDE NOTE: Apparently, the wildly liberal Oregon news media reporter Whitney Woodworth, who has been labeled a class B reporter in Salem, missed Lindsey so much that she attempted to follow her family to Arizona, slander her new business, and create a threatening environment in her new home. Ironically, Woodworth’s plans backfired and resulted in more support for Lindsey’s movement. It’s crystal clear that leftist media targets Lindsey, and it’s also evident that God’s ways are higher than ours, and continually turn bad into good.


God has protected Lindsey’s family, blessed their journey, and divinely inspired their path forward. Every ounce of the fight is fueled by faith in God and belief in America. Lindsey continues to fight for fellow Americans, their rights, and their upstanding values. She cannot be cancelled, and she will not be silenced.

About the Book

Still want more details on Lindsey’s story and her unprecedented rise to fame as the Patriot Barbie? Graham highlights her crusade as a beacon of liberty for all business owners with her tell-all book, TARGETED. You’ve seen the news reels, but in the book, Lindsey gives readers an in-depth account of the personal story that unfolded behind the camera lights. Readers experience the raw emotion of a family attempting to rebuild after tyrannical government threats and cancel culture shook their world to the core. Read the story of Lindsey rising above the fray and calling out leftist hypocrisy for its cheap shots and disillusioned lies.




Lindsey Graham moved the heart of the nation with her story. Her fight to protect her business, her family, and her freedom resonates clearly with conservatives, Republicans, and American women. Now firmly planted in the midst of the fight against cancel culture, her voice ignites the spirit of patriots across the country in unified pursuit of unfettered freedom.

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Looking for a conservative motivational speaker or emcee for your next event? Lindsey Graham is a surefire crowd favorite, with a storyline that squarely resonates with patriotic American audiences. Her vibrant personality and spirited delivery leave audiences energized and emboldened. 



Be encouraged by the stories of everyday American patriot guests.



Find inspiration in faith-based conservative, Christian values.



Seriously relatable conversation filled with good laughs & fun.









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Welcome to The Patriot Barbie Podcast, the compelling conservative answer to the leftist woke mob. Lindsey Graham empowers listeners with faith-infused, freedom-steeped content, sparking unbridled enthusiasm for God and America.

It’s no secret – patriots everywhere are disgusted by the drudgery of the toxic liberal agenda – they’re over it and they are hungry for authenticity. Lindsey is the unwavering voice of truth-seeking, liberty-loving Americans everywhere. She’s a fierce right-leaning mama bear, but this definitely isn’t your average mommy blog.

Each episode shines light into the complexities of today’s social and political issues, unpacking the conservative viewpoint with striking accuracy. This is a place where those seeking truth are heard. This is a place where conservative Christian values are held sacred. This is a place where faith, family, and liberty are protected with unrelenting grit and grace.

Watch the podcast on Lindsey’s YouTube channel, or listen on all major streaming platforms: Infowars, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Rumble, Frank Speech, YourNews, Freedom Square, and Patriot Podcast Network.


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“When the Covid enforcers came to shut down Lindsey, “the Patriot Barbie” Graham’s Oregon salon, she stood her ground and defiantly told them no. And fighting for her livelihood and community, she inspired not only myself but thousands across the country.”
- Kari Lake


“Lindsey is a hero to many for the constant stands she takes to speak up for moms and kids in our community. Her leadership has helped make a difference in local and statewide races for public office. Glad we have her in Arizona.”
-Tyler Bowyer, Turning Point Action 

RAVE REVIEWS coming in for Lindsey Graham - The Patriot Barbie, Keynote Speaker for Boots & Barbecue Fundraiser hosted by the Bastrop County,
Texas Republican Party!

“I’ve been a pastor for over 40 years. That was one of the greatest sermons I’ve ever heard preached.”

“I knew you were going to be good. I didn’t know you would be THAT good.”

“A huge thank you! Everyone is blowing up my phone saying that was the best speaker they’ve ever had.”

“The group was blown away. They loved her!”

- Republican Party of Bastrop County, Texas


I am truly honored to have this song written about me by Nick Nittoli - "Patriot Barbie" (Official Music Video)